Selecting Materials for Your Kitchen Remodel – Kirsten Danielle

Yes, it is time to start selecting materials! This is the FUN part!

By now you: understand the kitchen remodel process, you’ve made a plan, your budget is tight, you know who’s managing the project, and you now have a 100% complete final design.

This is Step 6 of Season 1 titled: 12 Steps to a Successful Kitchen Remodel.

Interior design extraordinaire Kirsten Danielle joins the show.

She shares her design philosophy and a few great ideas for you to start thinking about your style and material choices.

Kirsten reiterates the #1 kitchen remodeling tip: Plan, plan, and plan some more. Put your sledgehammer down! Have a complete plan before you start.

“If you don’t think through those details in the front end, it can really affect how your kitchen turns out and how it functions.” – Kirsten Danielle

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to stay timeless in your design
  • Granite vs. Quartz countertops
  • Start big and work your way small when selecting materials
  • The selection process really isn’t that intensive
  • How to make sure your selections go well together
  • Big mistakes first time kitchen remodelers make

I hope you enjoy this fun conversation I had with Kirsten Danielle of Kirsten Danielle Design.

Say hello and check out what Kirsten is up to on Instagram @kdanielledesign


About the author, Scott

Scott D. Riley is an entrepreneur and world class kitchen designer, married to a Superduper model, has two unbelievably perfect children, and lives in a mid-century modern beach side home in Florida.

Well, not exactly. Scott is a kitchen designer, married to his junior high school sweetheart, has two crazy kiddos, and lives mainland in Rockledge, FL.

His mission is to help you successfully remodel your kitchen. He gives unbiased, practical information through his website, podcast, and videos.

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